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Our Journey at FieldR

FieldR’s journey thus far has been an absolute rollercoaster ride. If we were to base it on numbers, then we’d agree that there have been far more lows than highs. From day one, our aim was to share our story in order to develop good ties with our customers and all of our supporters. As this is our first article, let me briefly run you through how it all began. 

FieldR was an idea that surfaced during the year 2019 in a lecture hall with 4 friends who were trying to keep themselves occupied until they got a job. We had 4 co-founders at the very beginning, one of them being an extraordinary woman. As a team, we started off with great enthusiasm and exhilaration that we were possibly going to change the way Sri Lankan parents view sports, more precisely, cricket. Our primary vision was to make Sri Lankan cricketers the best. 

Every dream has an eye-opener, and ours initiated in July 2019 when we were the surprise pick of ICTA Sri Lanka’s Spiralation Program under the Ecosystem Support category. That’s when reality finally hit. During the initial stages, we were looked up to as individuals with creative minds, striving to make a positive change in the field of cricket. As we went into the first week of the Spiralation Program, one of the co-founders brought up the Equity Share discussion, where the individual asked for the bigger piece of the ZERO. 

Shortly after the discussion, this co-founder decided to leave. Momentarily, things went downhill. Reason being, I rejected an exemplary, hefty job offer from a leading tech company in Sri Lanka. By this point, we had decided to move on to the technology that a specific person wanted and created the soft architecture. 

Losing a teammate meant no work gets done until the rest of the team cooperatively maps out all pending tasks. Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to regroup and restart, as another one of the founders got caught up with academics. With all these boulders hitting us one by one within the first 2 months of the company’s inception, I as the Co-founder and CEO, became pretty overwhelmed and stressed. As a result, I was overcome with negative thoughts. 

Nonetheless, the Spiralation program 2019 has been an integral part of our startup. By the end of the program I became a programmer, a UI/UX beginner, a marketer, an event organizer, a backstage manager, and a negotiator. I became exposed to the entire startup ecosystem, who were there before us and who are after us. Back in 2019, as an idea stage startup founder, we started becoming a lot more comfortable to reach out to people and familiarize ourselves with processes and technologies. 

With all of this happening, the major strength I had as a founder was the female founder of our company. She managed all the documentation work for the company by herself, alongside her day job. As a company, we had nothing much to worry about how we functioned because it was just 2 people trying to work it out. Towards the end of the Spiralation Program 2019, we were able to make use of as many resources as possible that were given to us, because somewhere around last month, I was able to restructure the company and introduce two new co-founders to the team. Since then, we have been progressing well, although there was neither a blue shift nor a redshift. 

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