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Who We Are

We think it is important to have a good culture placed in a startup to make sure the employees feel loved and encouraged to work. This can not be done by providing high end devices or high quality event or high salaries. We keep a happy and healthy culture by following these 3 core values.

Balancing Relies On Your Head

Work life balance is very easy, when you know you work while your family is standing next to you every single day you work.

Create Inclusive Environment

As current and future leaders we need to be inclusive and accepting different forms of creativity and perspectives. Diverse team will drive the company to success.

Transparency Is The Gift

Players request for transparency with management team so they know what happens and how to help the team. Employees needs to know -100 to 100.

Be Human With Everyone

Sports teaches to treat everyone with respect and dignity, while showing empathy and emotions among people who are in and out of field.

I know we are some way doing better with team management, if you copy or inspire our culture, give a small credit to us. We will smile that we know we made plenty of lives feel and live better.
Thariq Hamad